Work visa to Russia for teachers

Work visa to Russia for teachers

The Basics

One of the options that you could try is using an agency (technically, an umbrella company) that registers you as an employee for a fee. It’s not an easy option, and this service doesn’t come cheap, but other ways to get a work visa are not any easier.

If you’re certain that a work visa is what you need, then let’s dive in!

What makes this work visa legit

1. It’s issued by a company that is registered in Russia
2. It confirms your legal status as an employee of this company

This is basically the service that a visa agency provides - replacing your real employer.

Work visas can be issued only by a company registered in Russia, so they confirm your legal status as an employee. Basically, the company says “We want to hire this person. Please allow him/her to come to Russia and work for us”.

The company acknoledges you have an employment contract and should treat you as any other local employee with minor differences to tax obligations.

Russian visa application

The application process

The process of work visa application in fairly simple.

— Receive an electronic invitation to Russia from your employer
— Apply for a work visa in the Russian embassy
— Arrive to Russia, apply for a residence registration

If you decide to stay in the country a bit longer, you will need to apply for a visa renewal once a year.

Learn more about the details of work visa application and the necessary documents.

For ESL teachers and tutors

If you’re on the lookout for ESL or teaching jobs within Russia, there are numerous job opportunities that allow you to obtain a visa through your employer, which means that you don’t need a visa service. You may also be able to find a school that sponsor your visa, but for a fee or in exchange for part-time work.

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Price range for a year visa varies and depends on the services provided.

The “minimal” package includes the e-invitation from a Russian entity you will need to apply for a work visa and your visa renewal after your arrival to Russia.
Additional services might include the issue of Social Security Certificate, Taxpayer Identification Number, paying minimal taxes to make your stay 100% legit.

All in all, expect to pay $1000 for a year visa.

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