Teaching in Russia - what are my options?

Teaching in Russia - what are my options?

Work for a language/private school or kindergarten

It might sound a bit obvious, but you can start looking at teaching jobs in Russia to help find a school, with the main job providers being language or ESL schools (these are called “training centers” in Asia).

Legitimate schools will provide full-time employment, salary, visa support, and accommodation (more often, this is shared and not private). If you don’t have tons of experience or enough clients, teaching online is a great and safe alternative.

A good litmus test: Shady schools will usually provide you with a business visa or tourist visa instead of a work visa.

teaching ESL in Russia

Due to the high competition for qualified teachers, some schools may offer you a work visa even if you work for them part-time. Usually, it’s a good way to have a stable income and still have a flexible schedule that allows you to take on private clients.

Read more about the types of schools in Russia.

Work as a private tutor with a family

Private tutor/governess positions in wealthy families are quite common. These jobs are usually available through agencies (unless you’ve bumped into a Russian oligarch at a party) and require you to have previous experiences as a nanny/manny or governess.

Families might help get you a tourist or a business visa for a probationary period, but they most probably would not know how [sponsor] you for a work visa which would allow you to stay in the country for an extended period of time. Usually, when you accept this job it’s assumed you will be traveling with the family, and going back and forth with a business visa is not an option.

Live in Russia and teach online

In recent years, Russia has become a popular destination for teachers looking to work online. The Ruble (the Russian currency) has become very weak compared to USD as a result of oil prices dropping, allowing teachers who are paid in USD/EUR to have a decent quality of life and comfortable lifestyle.

teaching ESL in Russia

If you’re not a fan of gloomy Moscow and Saint-Petersburg or high housing prices, have a look at Sochi.

To recap, your options to teach in Russia are:

– Find a job in a language school
– Work as a private tutor for a wealthy family
– Become a freelance/private teacher
– Live in Russia and work online

Unfortunately, only the first and second options listed above will allow you to obtain a work visa. If this is not what you’re looking for, you can learn more about getting a visa via an agency and other ways to get a work visa.

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