visamag. brings together a handful of experts all ready to walk you through the intricacies that come with the visa process. Where government websites fail to answer all relevant questions in plain English, our blog seeks to provide you with answers.

What else?

Cold winters and a strong Russian accent shouldn’t scare you, and neither should obtaining a visa.
Getting a visa to Russia is much easier than you think, especially if you’ve done the necessary research and have someone to hold your hand along the way.

With Visamag, you’ll receive guided support during the application process (plenty of hand-holding here!), allowing you to spend this extra energy focusing on and preparing for your new adventure.
Having operated for five years, we’ve accumulated hundreds of loyal clients and knowledge that will help make the visa process as stress-free and easy as possible.

Our friendly experts are ready to support you through what is usually a frustrating process, instead offering you a step-by-step process that allows you to get your money’s worth.


We’d be happy to provide you with career advice when it comes to teaching or ESL positions in Moscow or Saint Petersburg - contact us!


Some words concerning service: all in all, the service provided and responsiveness has been in line and has been smooth. Naturally, there will be hiccups along the way—visamag. should be able to help you in this regard.

- Bruce, ESL teacher in Moscow

اذا كنت ترغب في دخول روسيا بأمان فانصحك بالتعامل مع الاستاذ أوليغ. التاشيرة مضمونة بنسبة ١٠٠٪؜ وايضا تستطيع الحصول علي خطاب ضمان لتسهيل الدخول من المطار. الاستاذ أوليغ سوف يكون معك خطوة بخطوة منذ تسليم الوثائق حتي اصدار التاشيرة ودخول الاراضي الروسية كما انه يستطيع تجديد التاشيرة دون مغادرة الاراضي الروسية.
- Osama, teacher of Arabic in Moscow

Si vous avez besoin d’aide dans l’obtention du visa Russe, Visamag est le site qu’il vous faut. Oleg est une personne de confiance qui m’a vraiment beaucoup aidé et qui est experte dans le sujet. N’hésitez pas à lui poser des questions ou demander des informations, il connaît tout sur le sujet :)
- Jordan, entrepreneur and online French teacher