Work visa to stay in Russia long-term

If you’re dreaming of working and living in Russia, you need to apply for a work visa, which needs to be provided by your employer. This work visa will allow you to legally live and work within Russia.

How to get a work visa

Work in Russia as an English teacher 🌍

Learn more about different types of teaching jobs available in Russia and choose the best option for your stay.

Explore your options to work in Russia while teaching English without sticking to just one school.

Work visas for English teachers

Business visas to Russia

Russian business visa is one of the most popular visas and is the perfect choice for business people and long-term stays. One of the biggest benefits of getting this visa is that it’s valid for up to five years, but make sure that you have relevant documents when applying.

More about business visas

I just want to explore…

If the idea of sipping vodka and hugging a polar bear 🐻❄️ are currently on your bucket list, then going with a tourist visa is your best bet.

Get a tourist visa

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